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"I placed an order yesterday and it arrived this morning - thank you for your brilliant service"  - Mrs S 03.09.14 

"I have fibromyalgia and I have been using Acumed on and off for 20 years. I know when I have a flare up it may take a few days, but the patches will always ease my pain. Thank you!"  - P.Carmichael 31.08.14

“I have just tried the Magnetic patches pain patches and I am very impressed. Since I broke my right shoulder a couple of years ago the surgeon told me I would be prone to rheumatism or other aches eventually. The last couple of weeks I’ve experienced pain in my foot and knee. I’ve had tablets and creams from the doctor which didn’t work. I saw these patches in the chemists, and tried them this week and I’ve felt more comfortable and less pain. Thank goodness. So I am pleased to tell you that they do work and I will use them again.”
- I. H.

“I saw the Magnetic patches advertised on the internet while looking for some pain relief for my husband. He has suffered from Sciatica and low back pain for nearly 20 years. He has had three operations, the last one two years ago was a spinal fusion, but he is no better. A year ago he retired through ill health at 50 years old. He has had an acupuncture kit for about 12 years and finds he does get some relief from that so when I told him about the patches he decided to try them. That was a week ago, and by the third day of using 3 patches on various acupuncture points the difference was amazing! He was moving easier and even went for a bike ride, which is virtually unheard of these days. Only a few days earlier he had been in bed because of the pain. So all I can say is THANK YOU for giving me my husband back again!”
- Mrs M. S. R.
“I really must write to say how thrilled I am after only two weeks of using the pain patches for my lower back pain. The pain relief really has to be experienced to be appreciated. I know my arthritis will not be cured by the patches, but at least I can enjoy moving about so much more easily. THANK YOU.”
- Miss C. T.
“I ordered Magnetic patches for my husband – arthritic hole in the knee – started taking last year and he is almost pain free – he is a hotelier and on his “pins” all day, especially Christmas and New Year – first festive season without pain for 7 years! I have now recommended to 3 people, one of whom I spoke to today, who, at 33 had two sports damaged knees and in constant pain – he went for a run last week, for the first time in over a year! They work incredibly well.”
- Mrs D.
“I am writing to tell you that I have found your patches very effective in treating pregnancy nausea. About an hour after I had put them on, the nausea diminished a lot more than if I did not have them on at all.
I also used the patches when I wasn’t pregnant for a back pain problem that I had and they helped them too.
It is great to find something that isn’t medicinal and that is safe and natural and easy to apply yourself. Thank you.”
- S. C.
“I have just found and started to use the Magnetic Patches Pain Patches and would like to let you know how much they have helped me. I have had a bad hip and lived on medication, especially at night when sleep was a real nightmare and then the mornings leaving me very drowsy and slow to motivate – I spoke to the Pharmacist at Boots who recommended I see my doctor, as hip replacement has been my next option after pain killers.
As I was walking out of the Prescription area I saw the box of patches and from then on my life changed from day one. I then introduced them to my daughter who has an Arthritic knee and she had the same wonderful relief. Thank you for this product.”
- Mrs A.
“I used Magnetic Patches Pain Patches on a recent long haul to New Zealand and followed your advised instructions with unbelievable results – a pain free flight over and back...I have recently suffered with my right knee. I felt desperate for something to stop the pain and give me confidence to cope with the journey. I wouldn’t hestitate to use these patches again and wouldn’t ever think of ever flying without them. Many Thanks from a very satisfied customer.”
- Mrs T.
“I just wanted to say I had a dislocated knee from a football incident, which needs an operation or 2 due to damage to my ligaments and cartilage so I thought I would give your patches a go. Well they are brilliant, I went from absolute agony about 80% of the time, to just mild pain now.”
- Mr D.
“I just had to write and tell you how marvellous I have found your Magnetic Patches patches. I have suffered with Sciatica, being unable to bend or rise from a chair without pain and assistance. Half way through my first Magnetic Patches pack, I can now sit down and get up without even using the arms of the chair – it is like being in someone else’s pain free body. With a patch in each of two of the points you suggest for sciatica,
I can bend and touch my toes, turn over in bed without the pain waking me. I will never be able to thank you enough.”
- Mrs S. D.
“I have been suffering intermediate back ache since an accident 14 years ago. However I managed to ‘do something to it’ whilst trying to remove a tree stump a few weeks ago. So whilst in Boots on Friday I decided to try ‘something different’, namely Magnetic patches. Now I can’t say if the pain would have vanished naturally, if it was psychosomatic, or the thought of having parted with £12 for a box; or indeed that they really did something. But I spent the first weekend in nearly six weeks with little pain.
I’m normally sceptical (I trained as a scientist) but am amazed!”
- Mr C.
“I’ve just bought a first box of Magnetic Patches Pain Patches. I have Osteoarthritis of the knee and have had a complete right side hip replacement in December through this. I would like to say how beneficial and comfortable they are! I wish I had known about them earlier.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these to friends. I would be willing to partipate in any evaluations of this, or any other products. I-am 53.”
- Mrs H.
“I have found these very successful and after months of tennis elbow and pain, within a few days, I have had great relief and much less discomfort.
I am also prepared to participate in any evaluations of this or any other products.”
- S. J. H.
“Just a line to let you know how pleased I am with the loss of pain in my back.
I fell about 4 months ago and squashed a vertebrae, and have a small fracture in the spline. I put two of your patches on the area, and I am quite pleased with the result.
A friend of mine also had a great pain in her shoulder, and I gave her a patch to help. I have just talked to her, and she too is quite pleased with the result!”
- Mr A. T.
“I would like to confirm, on using Magnetic Patches Pain Patches, for the first time, how I found them of much benefit on a recent long haul flight.
I suffer from Osteoarthritis of the knees, so felt and gained much relief of pain which is always much worse when flying – usually.
I would like to hear more information and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again, or when the pain is worse – especially in wet winter days.”
- Mrs D. R.
“Magnetic Patches Patches are the best treatment I have ever used for the treatment of period pain. 100% effective and no side-effects...perfect!!!”
- Miss A. S.
“I am just writing to say how good the above product is. I have a arthritic condition of the knee. I can now walk and sleep without pain. I would be happy to participate in this on other products.”
- Miss G. A. P.
“I have had a bad pain in my back for a very long time. My doctor tells me it’s a muscle and I need to rest as much as possible. I am greatfull for the relief I get from the patches.
I thought you would like to know this.”
- Mrs A. J.
“I went on holiday a few weeks ago, and took along two packets of Magnetic Patches I picked up in Boots. I have been having very painful bouts of Osteoarthritis in my joints and spline, having treatment from an Osteopath.
I tried the patches and was amazed at the almost instantaneous relief. Imagine my surprise when I returned to find amongst my mail the special offer for Magnetic patches.
I will never be without them now. And hope I am finished with pain killers!”
- Mrs L. F.
“Thank you for your letter of 23/04/01 also the Magnetic Patches Patches it was very kind of you to send them to me, I’m sure you will be pleased to hear that my knee is improving daily. I am enclosing an article from our Evening Standard newspaper and feel sure it will be of interest to you.”
- Mrs V. W.